For all those SK&QGRA members who live in Clareville Grove and Clareville Street, and who have long petitioned for the traffic to be calmed, both from the garage and also the many basement builds, we are delighted to report that the new width restrictions created by the bollards erected at the south end of the Grove are proving to be a great success.

All traffic, including emergency vehicles can still access the streets but the wide wheel lorries that deliver the steel and concrete cannot. And for the traffic that uses the Grove as a way of missing the no-right-turn at Gloucester Road, or emerging from the petrol station, the bollards are a restriction that is just not worth the risk of a damaged wing mirror.

In 2013, we counted that 8 out of the 10 cars emerging from the garage used the narrow Grove as their means of exit. This week our new traffic count shows that only 3 in every 10 are willing to risk the bollards.

Thank you RBKC officers and councillors for all your support.